Galaxy’s Edge: Thrawn: Alliances gave insight into the upcoming Star Wars theme park


New images from Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge show Star Wars theme park starting to take shape.

Star Wars’ theme park, Galaxy’s Edge, is starting to come together for a 2019 opening as a number of pictures have come out over the weekend.

Galaxy’s Edge will be set on 14 acres of land, in both Disneyland in California (summer 2019 opening) and Disney World in Florida (fall 2019). The theme parks are supposed to resemble the Outer Rim planet Batuu on Black Spire Outpost, which we recently learned more about in the novel Thrawn: Alliances.

From the recent images from Hollywood HQ Studios, the construction of Galaxy’s Edge is still ongoing without much discernible. There is a domed roof (perhaps the cantina since it is described as having a large doorway; or the docking bay) or one of the remnants of the ancient civilization described in the book.

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But it seems Black Spire Outpost is living up to its name as the construction images show what could be a number of petrified trees. But since, we’re still a year away from the opening of Galaxy’s Edge opening, we can still take a look at what we can expect from the new park based on what we read about Batuu from Thrawn: Alliances.

Readers spent plenty of time on Batuu, less time in Black Spire Outpost, but author Timothy Zahn still brought up the first look at where Star Wars fans will be spending their time once they’re at a Disney theme park.

Batuu is in the Outer Rim, so there is not much government there from the outside forces such as First Order, the Empire, Rebels or Rebellion. But that doesn’t mean its not without it run-ins with those forces.

In Thrawn: Alliances, we learned a facility was set up that created droids and armor that were immune to light sabers. While Anakin and Thrawn sabotaged the plans, residents of Batuu were caught up in the fighting.

But mostly Black Spire Outpost is a transfer point with multiple races using it to re-supply, fuel up, take a rest before continuing on their journey, or a great place to smuggle some goods. It’s one of the last spots before entering Wild Space.

It is also a place people could go and disappear if they didn’t want to be found (which makes you wonder of Disney has plans for some surprises guests at Galaxy’s Edge).

Of course, there’s also a cantina. There HAS to be a cantina, and it’s described as “dominating the center of town, pressing up against the edge of the ruins of the ancient civilization that had once stood here,” in Thrawn: Alliances.

Another description of Batuu from Thrawn: Alliances include:

"“Some of the homes and businesses had been built into the ruins, though most where freestanding. The petrified remains of the giant black trees that given the outpost its name towered over everything, mysterious and brooding.”"

Batuu was a busy place before hyper travel. But with the advent of it, Batuu becomes a planet often was passed, which likely caused the “ancient civilization” part of the land. Make no mistake, though, Batuu is still busy in its own right.

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Since Black Spire Outpost is a central area for multiple species, you can imagine some of the characters Disney will employ at Galaxy’s Edge will include a wide range of aliens. In Thrawn: Alliances, we met humans, Darshi, Shistavanens and Jablogians all co-mingling at Black Spire Outpost.

Batuu, despite being in the Outer Rim, seems like a busy place. Plenty of people on the streets and the cantina was busy when Vader and Thrawn visited. While their visit ended in a brawl, hopefully the cantina in Galaxy’s Edge will be a little friendlier.

Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge theme park is set to open in 2019.