Star Wars: Episode IX: Set photo causes confusion among fandom


Director of photography for Star Wars: Episode IX Dan Mindel shared a set photo via his official Instagram profile and it has caused some confusion.

Star Wars: Episode IX director of photography Dan Mindel shared a set photo, which has had fans looking over the image in detail for any clues about what to expect in the latest movie, and some sharp-eyed fans potentially spotted a connection with the Prime Jedi.

The only problem is, it isn’t from Star Wars: Episode IX. While many outlets reported it was, it has been recently updated that it is not. It is an old set photo from the John Carter set. A huge shame because the fans had possibly spotted a connection to the Prime Jedi in the image.

The Prime Jedi, the first member of the Jedi Order, was the one to found the order around six thousand years ago, popped up in Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi.

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The Last Jedi and the Prime Jedi

Now if you didn’t spot the Prime Jedi connection in The Last Jedi then don’t worry about it. It wasn’t hugely obvious. It wasn’t as though someone went walking by or waved at Luke or anything. All it was was a mosaic symbol showing the Prime Jedi on the floor of the First Jedi Temple on Ahch-To.

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The mosaic symbol shows the Prime Jedi in a meditative state of balance between light and dark; with the mosaic being made of both light and dark pieces to symbolize this.

And that is exactly what fans think they spotted in the set photo shared by Dan Mindel. It’s not 100 percent obvious but you can see why many reached the conclusion. We can clearly see both dark and light shades on the floor which forms a huge circle, a.k.a a mosaic.

It’s just a shame that this set photo is not actually from the Star Wars: Episode IX. If it was then this little discovery could have potentially opened up a lot of doors to some very interesting questions.

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Did you make the mistake of confusing the set photo for Star Wars: Episode IX? Would you like a Prime Jedi connection? Share your thoughts in the comments below.