Star Wars: Episode IX leak suggesting Keri Russell is Rey’s mother


The latest Star Wars: Episode IX leak involves Keri Russell and it is suggesting that she is pegged to play the role of Rey’s mother.

Keri Russell’s role in Star Wars: Episode IX is highly anticipated, with everyone desperate to know who she is. Suggestions have already been made with the leading theory being she is Rey’s mother and the latest leak coming out of the Star Wars camp may prove that to be true.

Keep in mind, many rumors don’t come to fruition and to take this info lightly as we try to learn what we can about Star Wars Episode IX. 

The leak comes from the Express that have reported that a scene between Adam Driver and Keri Russell is to take place in the last week of September. Expected to last about four days the shoot involves some heavy-action scenes, something that Russell was handpicked for, and will involve some new ship set pieces as well.

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Green screens are also to be set up and the scene itself has been described as an escape sequence with Russell in the cockpit at some point. It is not clear if Russell and Driver are enemies and allies.

This has led to the idea that Russell is playing Rey’s mother. The idea being that Kylo Ren lied to Rey in The Last Jedi about who her parents were — something a lot of fans would like to see. There is also the suggestion that Kylo actually told the truth but his version of the truth is wrong, either misinformation or he too was deceived.

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Anyway, the idea moves on to Kylo learning the truth and seeking out Rey’s mother in Star Wars: Episode IX, a.k.a Keri Russell. He finds her; she escapes him, and then seeks out Rey.

The idea then goes on to how Russell, who has been codenamed Mara, may actually be the Mara Jade, who a lot of fans have wanted to see come in the Star Wars movies, and the father may be Luke Skywalker. Mark Hamill recently tweeted about how Luke may have found love and fans are hoping that this was with Mara and this is how it all connects.

It’s a good theory, but will it come to be in?

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What do you think? Are you open to the idea of this in Star Wars: Episode IX? Or do you have another idea? Share what you are thinking by dropping a comment just below.