Thrawn isn’t the only legends character that deserves a canon storyline

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Grand Admiral Thrawn began as a legends-exclusive character and found his way back into Star Wars canon. He’s not the only gem whose story deserves an epic retelling.

A long time ago (not actually in a galaxy far, far away), Timothy Zahn gave Star Wars fans a novel featuring a blue-skinned alien no one could forget.

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Grand Admiral Thrawn played such a critical role in the post-Empire era of the Expanded Universe – and was so beloved by fans and his creator alike – the character was officially reintroduced into canon with his own stand-alone novel.

Now there’s both a sequel to that novel and numerous appearances of Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels. Whether you love him or are taking your time warming up to him, Thrawn is important enough in the Star Wars universe that he could actually appear in Episode IX.

He’s back, he’s in charge, and his successful transition from the original expanded universe to current lore has paved the way for many more legends-born characters to find their way into new eras and storylines as well.

Han and Leia’s twins may be out of the running after the introduction of Ben Solo, but there are plenty more to choose from.

Here are a few classic legends characters that need to follow in Thrawn’s strategic footsteps, straight into Star Wars canon.