Thrawn isn’t the only legends character that deserves a canon storyline

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Mara Jade

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Until Expanded Universe storylines began to emerge following the original trilogy, we quickly learned Darth Vader was not the only one receiving direct orders from Emperor Palpatine.

Thrawn was the Imperial military strategist Palpatine depended on to keep the Rebellion at bay on a large scale. The Emperor’s Hand operated on a much smaller scale, skillfully trained as an assassin who would do his bidding without question.

Her final orders from her master were to kill the man she would one day marry. Even after the Emperor’s demise, she pursued her target relentlessly for years.

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An Empire-bred assassin-turned-Jedi Master, Mara Jade eventually added a well-known surname to her title: Skywalker. She and Luke were enemies for years until they were forced to work together. They eventually fell in love and had a son named Ben.

Even if she didn’t appear in canon as Luke Skywalker’s wife (not likely from what we know about his post-ROTJ life so far, but you never know) or even as a Jedi, her character would still add another female lead into the ever-expanding mix with a redemption story that’s familiar yet exhilarating.

Anyone that marries the man they were originally commanded to kill deserves her own one-shot comic at the very least.