Leia Organa will appear in Star Wars Resistance


Leia Organa be in Star Wars Resistance, and will be voiced by Rachel Butera, the actor confirmed.

Leia Organa will appear on screen sooner than Star Wars Episode IX. It was revealed she will be in the upcoming Star Wars Resistance, the animated series that debuts in October.

Actor Rachel Butera shared on Twitter, she would voice the iconic character in the series.

Star Wars Resistance takes place before the events of The Force Awakens. In the trailer, we saw Poe Dameron, BB-8 and slew of new characters in the first trailer. Leia didn’t appear in it and her role wasn’t expounded upon either.

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However, this doesn’t seem like it should be a small role – hopefully more than one episode.

There’s a lot that happened between Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, especially to Leia that hasn’t been touched on. We know her and Han Solo got married, then had a son named Ben who was Force-sensitive. But he turned to the Dark Side. Somewhere during their troubles, Leia and Han separated with Leia continuing her fight of freedom against the Empire, First Order and everything in between while Han went back to being a smuggler.

There’s sooooo much there. It’s doubtful Star Wars Resistance will give insight into any of that since the story doesn’t revolve around the core group from the movies. Rather, we’ll probably see Leia in the role of general, giving Poe orders to recruit people for this mission, and perhaps getting updates.

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Though, I’m hopeful to see Leia and Poe’s relationship more closely. They had a great dynamic in the movies, and there are reasons Leia trusts the cocky pilot so much. We should definitely see more of that – even if to give some fans a bit of a nod toward the current films.

Star Wars Resistance is set to premiere on October 7 at 10 p.m. ET on Disney Channel.