Star Wars: Resistance – 3 reasons this is the perfect time for a new series


Star Wars: Resistance debuts this fall, and here are our top three reasons it’s perfect timing.

Disney’s latest animated series Star Wars: Resistance is set to makes its debut this fall, making it the perfect time for a new Star Wars series.

For starters, there’s no Star Wars film being released this December. And although the release of Solo last May supposedly suffered from franchise fatigue, at least there won’t be any franchise withdrawal from a lack of content. 

Not that there could ever be a lack of content with everything that’s being produced. Yet the animated series seems to elevate the films’ lore. We should expect Star Wars: Resistance to do for the sequel trilogy what The Clone Wars animated series did for the Prequel Trilogy, which is add more depth to the franchise.  In this instance, it’s the creation of the Resistance in order to combat the resurgence of the former Empire’s military might in the First Order.

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Can Star Wars: Resistance help unite a divided fan base with more depth?

The series will wipe away the bad taste in left with some fans by The Last Jedi.  Now although I’m not one of those fans, I hope those that are will be appeased by the new series. And it will also hopefully get all fans to appreciate or at the very least tolerate the sequel series.  

In many ways, the animated series has brought the fandom together in the same way the Original Trilogy has. They’ve provided us with a greater understanding of the mysticism that is the force.  As a matter of fact, both The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels have done a far better job of defining the force than any of the eight films.

Photo Credit: [Star Wars Rebels] LucasfilmIn The Last Jedi, the force was used in ways previously unseen and at times difficult to comprehend. Hopefully, Star Wars: Resistance will bridge a gap in that understanding much in the way it The Clone Wars helped audiences understand Anakin’s role in the flow of the force.

It’s the fall, isn’t that the perfect time to lay on the couch and watch Star Wars: Resistance?

The third and last reason why the premiere of Star Wars: Resistance is perfectly timed is the season, Fall.  The temperature gets a little cooler, the summer’s over, and yet the holidays are still a ways off. The sweatshirts and couch blankets come out of storage. It’s the perfect time to cozy up on the couch and watch what’s destined to become your new favorite show.

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 07: A cosplayer dressed as Kylo Ren attends the New York Comic Con 2016 at The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on October 7, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Halloween will be right around the corner so you can get so great ideas for new Star Wars-themed costumes. You know those deep cut Star Wars costumes that only hard core fans of the franchise will recognize, one that you can wear as your badge of fandom.

Lastly, let’s all remember why we love Star Wars in the first place …

Maybe you haven’t felt great about the way the Sequel Trilogy has been going. You think Rey is a Mary Sue and just genuinely don’t buy anything the current trilogy is selling, and you skipped Solo either in protest or disinterest. Perhaps Star Wars: Resistance is the perfect way for you to get back into Star Wars.

If you’ve got a kid at home, it’s the perfect way for you both to get into  and connect around something you love. And let that kid remind you why we all love Star Wars in the first place. Because the franchise opened a galaxy of possibilities. It gave us a place where our imaginations could run wild.

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The nostalgic feeling of getting excited for a new cartoon series has to hit the right spots too, no?  The first episode may not be debuting on a Saturday morning, but thank to DVRs you can work out that Saturday morning cartoon excitement with the press of a few buttons. Let’s just hope no one spoils it for you while you wait.

The series debuts on the Disney’s Channel on Sunday, October 7 at 10 p.m. ET.