The amazing women of Star Wars

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Great women have been in Star Wars since the beginning and now young girls have their pick of strong female roles to choose as their favorite.

I have five kids, four of which are my awesome daughters, and they all absolutely adore Star Wars which makes me one proud papa!

When it comes to who their favorite character is from the movies, three of my daughters picked Darth Vader and the fourth picked Kylo Ren. When you throw in my son’s vote in favor of Jango Fett, you’ll quickly realize that my kids clearly have more fun rooting for the villains!

Growing from the seed that was planted in A New Hope, the rise and influence of strong female characters (both good and bad) in the Star Wars Universe is more prevalent now than it ever was. And by no means am I saying that female fans should only have female characters as their favorites, (my daughters can attest to that!), I’m just saying that for some, it is quite inspiring to see powerful female leads driving storylines in their favorite movie franchise.

There are more than just a few bugaboos out there who are proving to be extremely resistant to seeing women in such prominent leadership roles in these movies and to them I say either learn to accept it or move on. There’s no need to spread hate for any reason.

Seeing the broader levels of inclusion and diversity taken within the newer films helps open the door to gaining newer Star Wars fans that previously may not have been so otherwise.