The amazing women of Star Wars

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Princess Leia

Princess Leia. General Organa. Both are two sides of the same dynamic character that we first fell in love with during Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. She was the one I was referring to above as the seed that was planted in the original film. Carrie Fisher’s timeless portrayal of the so called damsel-in-distress (or princess in jeopardy) provided a template for all other aspiring heroines to follow.

Instead of being totally helpless and solely dependent on her male saviors, as soon as she was able to, Princess Leia immediately took charge of her dire situation aboard the original Death Star. She did it with her fearlessness in battle, sharp tongue, and extremely quick wit.

She single-handedly shattered the conventional norms of what a princess character was and how she should behave.

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She was Vader’s daughter, Alderaan’s survivor, Luke’s twin, Han’s wife, Ben’s mother, and Rebellion/Resistance leader all in one and she did it all with such charm, style, humor, and grace.

It is most definitely a treat for all Star Wars fans worldwide that, despite Carrie Fisher’s tragic and untimely passing in late 2016, director JJ Abrams will be bringing the character to Episode IX via unused footage from The Force Awakens.

Leia’s final arc will be played out onscreen in what will undoubtedly be a fitting farewell and curtain call for such a beloved character and actress.