The amazing women of Star Wars

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Photo Credit: [Star Wars: The Last Jedi] LucasfilmRose Tico

Maybe I’m just seeing the world through rose-colored glasses (terrible pun most definitely intended!) but I actually liked the addition of Rose Tico to The Last Jedi.

Often relegated to the bowels of the Resistance starships that she so expertly maintained, the events of this film made way for Kelly Marie Tran’s new character to hit it big onscreen.

The movie opens up with Rose’s sister, Paige dying in battle as her doomed bomb ship dropped its payload that led to the destruction of the Dreadnought warship employed by the First Order. Paige’s death would go on to serve as a motivating factor for Rose throughout the film.

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I can understand several people had grief with Rose, her screen time with Finn, and their entire sequence through Canto Bight. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I’m not here to banter back and forth over how things could have gone differently in The Last Jedi. I am purely looking at her character arc.

Rose brought a sense of heart to the film. Driven to take action as a result of her sister’s sacrifice, she had zero tolerance for those that she deemed as traitors, including her initial time meeting Finn.

Her arc isn’t so dissimilar from that of Rey’s in the way of coming from humble beginnings to become a part of a larger, more meaningful cause.