Star Wars: Resistance animation causes debate amongst fans


The anime-inspired artwork in Star Wars: Resistance has created a debate with fans – but it doesn’t have to.

We’ve seen one trailer for Star Wars: Resistance, showing bits and pieces from the upcoming animated series. While it didn’t give away too much, there was one thing was on full display – the animation.

Immediately, fans noticed it didn’t look like Star Wars: The Clone Wars or Star Wars: Rebels.

Instead, it had more of an anime feel to it, which left fans debating which they liked better.

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Of course, there were a number of Star Wars fans who jumped on the side of ‘no.’ Being used to the CGI-animation of Rebels and The Clone Wars, there was as stark difference between the animations.

CGI gave the shows a more 3-D feel to them whereas the anime-inspired artwork has a flatter 2-D feel. But is either better?


I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons and, generally, most of them had that 2-D feel to them. When I saw the trailer for Star Wars: Resistance, I didn’t even consider the animation on the first go-around. I was looking at the context, for little nuggets of info on the upcoming series.

While I noticed it was different, the animation wasn’t the least bit distracting. It brought me back to my younger days of enjoying cartoons. That doesn’t make it thing for kids, it just makes it nostalgic.

Just because the animation might be different than Star Wars fans are used to doesn’t make it bad. This style has been used for decades, and doesn’t detract from a story. Anime cartoons have had some fascinating arcs. It’s going to be the stories that make or break Star Wars: Resistance – not the artwork in this case.

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Debates are fun to have when there is a good reason for them. Unfortunately, the debate over the animation of Star Wars: Resistance just feels like arguing for argument’s sake. Of course, people are allowed to have preference to one style over another, but Dave Filoni and the Star Wars animation crew are allowed to take chances and try things outside of the their norm.

Star Wars: Resistance premieres on October 7 on Disney Channel at 10/9c.