The 25 most influential Star Wars characters

Composite: Dork Side of the Force.
Composite: Dork Side of the Force. /
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mon mothma
A leader of the Galactic Senate’s Loyalist faction, Mon Mothma opposed Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s policies during the final days of the Republic. Photo: Lucasfilm. /

10. Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma is crucial to the success of the Rebellion. She publicly spoke out against Emperor Palpatine and started the Rebel Alliance alongside Bail Organa (who sadly didn’t make the list). The Rebellion’s main goal wasn’t just to fight the Empire, but to help people in need. It was about more than just trying to win a war, which resonated with a lot of people across the galaxy. Mon Mothma was behind much of that messaging, so we have her to thank.

Although a lot of Mothma’s work with the Rebel Alliance had to be done in the shadows, it did not go unnoticed by those who joined up and followed her lead. Leia, Hera, Bail and many others always knew how important Mon Mothma was to the cause.

Mon Mothma also felt like one of the most diplomatic characters in the universe; that’s what made her a perfect fit as one of the leaders for the Rebel Alliance.