Solo: A Star Wars Story digital release arriving mid-September


Need another dose of Solo: A Star Wars Story? The digital release arrives more than a week before the DVD/Blu-Ray comes out.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters, your chance to see – or watch it again – is coming soon. Fans can watch Solo digitally, starting September 14 on Movies Anywhere, ahead of the DVD and Blu-Ray release on September 25.

But if you want get deeper into the movie, the DVD and Blu-Ray content have plenty of bonus material to sift through, including commentary, behind-the-scenes looks and deleted scenes.

While I will be checking out Solo: A Star Wars Story before the DVD/Blu-Ray date, I’m most intrigued by the deleted scenes. We got a glimpse of one of them in an excerpt from the upcoming novel. Yet, while the movie was complete, there are certainly elements that could add to Han Solo’s story.

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In total, there are eight deleted scenes that will be available for the home release. Given how long the movie was, it’s no wonder some of the scenes had to be cut out.

Now, we get a chance to see Solo as an Imperial pilot, we see more of his days on Corelia – and some extended scenes including Han and Chewie’s first meeting.

September is going to be a celebration of Han with the novel, DVD and digital release all coming that month. Solo: A Star Wars Story novel extended edition will add insight and context, including the deleted scenes on September 4 – and then you get to watch them played out later than month.

Solo: A Star Wars Story releases digitally on September 14 with the DVD and Blu-Ray arriving on September 25.