Who could score future Star Wars films? Here are five candidates

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Daft Punk   

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Where you know them: Ok, so stay with me on this one. You know them from their countless star making popular music releases. Behind the mixing console they’ve helped propel acts like The Weeknd, Kanye West, and The Neptunes to superstardom. They are in so many respects the progenitors of modern popular electronic music. But the duo didn’t allow their excellence in pop music to dull their desire for challenges and growth. They had a wider canvas in mind.

Temporarily turning away from the synthesizers, they picked up the strings and set their sights on film scoring. The end result of that process is the huge symphonic and synthesized score for the Disney film Tron: Legacy. While your opinion on that film might vary, most should agree that the music work was exemplary.

Why they work for Star Wars:  Like most on this list, they do know their way around an orchestra. I challenge you to listen to the Overture movement from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack and not imagine them lending their deft command of the strings and horns to a rousing new thematic gesture for Star Wars. When combined with their electronic production par excellence, theirs would be a highly original addition to the Star Wars sonic landscape.

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