Who could score future Star Wars films? Here are five candidates

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Alexandre Desplat 

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Where you know themDesplat is a darling of symphonic music. He has scored massive sci-fi and genre films like Godzilla, The Shape of Water, and Isle of Dogs. He is a critical darling as well, having won an Academy Award for his original score for the Shape of Water. In a profile for The Hollywood Reporter the composer detailed his methodology for allowing musical voices to express a love theme for two otherwise voiceless characters. Desplat states:

"I created a love theme based on the individual themes I created for the characters — an accordion representing him and flutes representing her."

Why they work for Star Wars:  If ever there was a composer who could truly follow in the footsteps of maestro John Williams, Alexandre Desplat would be the one. He has proven a total mastery of the orchestra. Not just of the typical strings and woodwind arrangements, but he’s also a real force of percussive power. You need only listen to his recent Isle of Dogs score to hear his command of the drum as a tool. Desplat could bring a more traditional approach to scoring a Star Wars film. And, in some cases, that may be just what is called for.

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