Star Wars: 10 characters who deserve their own stand alone film

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Photo Credit: San Diego Comic-Con, 2012

9: Delta Squad – Star Wars: Republic Commando

Anyone who has played the 2005 video game Star Wars: Republic Commando or anyone who is huge Clone Soldiers fan is going to know who the Delta Squad is.

A crack troop of clone commandos, Delta Squad were pretty much the Navy SEALs or SAS equivalent of the Clone Soldiers. Introduced in the Star Wars: Republic Commando video game they came into canon and were featured in the Clone Wars animated series.

Ultimately, they were the ones who were called in when they needed a specialist team to take on the most dangerous and high-profile missions. Four clone soldiers made up Delta Squad, RC-1138, RC-1140, RC-1207 and RC-1262, or Boss, Fixer, Sev, and Scorch.

It’s pretty much a no-brainer why a Star Wars standalone movie featuring Delta Squad is deserved. Not only would we be going back to the prequel days of the Clone Wars which everyone enjoyed. I am of course talking about The Clone Wars animated series, not the movie. But having the opportunity to have a live action version would be something welcomed by many Star Wars fans.

Now, to be honest, it wouldn’t have to be about Delta Squad. The stand alone film could be about any other Clone Trooper squad. There are plenty to choose from, it is just Delta Squad jumps out the most for me. But there is also:

  • Aiwha Squad
  • Kilo Squad
  • Theta Squad
  • Gamma Squad
  • Omega Squad

There are plenty of possibilities to choose from, heck if they went ahead and made a Star Wars movie about Rex or Fives I would be happy. Ultimately, a standalone Star Wars movie about the missions the Clone Soldiers carried out is a win.