Star Wars: 10 characters who deserve their own stand alone film

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8: Galem Marek – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Another character that will be familiar to those who play the Star Wars video games, Galem Marek. Codenamed Starkiller, Marek was introduced to us in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game and was trained in the ways of the Dark Side of the force.

He was also Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, in case I forgot to mention that part.

Just that line alone is more than enough reason to make a stand alone movie about Marek. Especially for those who are only familiar with the Star Wars movie. I can just hear them now;

“Darth Vader had a secret apprentice? What?!?! Why did I not know about this? Please tell me more.”

There are a lot more reasons other than being Darth Vader’s apprentice to make a standalone movie about the character though. His story overall is a fascinating one.

He was raised at a young age in the ways of the Dark Side, hidden away and kept secret by Vader for fear the Emperor would learn of his existence. Marek was used as Vader’s personal assassin then betrayed by Vader himself. The story of Galem Marek has a bit of everything for every Star Wars fan.

And that is all before we get into the awesome action-packed scenes there would be in it. If you are all about Lightsabers then you will want this standalone film.

And then there is Vader, who would have to be a major part of the movie and you know what, you can’t go wrong by adding in more Vader into a film.

However, although it would be amazing to see Marek get a standalone film, it should be pointed out that he is not classed as canon. There are also many other characters in the Star Wars universe who are and should be considered way before Marek ever is.