Star Wars comic book review: Lando: Double or Nothing #4


Lando Calrissian has a habit of finding himself in a jam. In the new issue of Lando: Double or Nothing, he has to convince an entire group of people to stand up to the Stormtroopers.

Lando: Double or Nothing #4 continues to show us how Lando handles sticky situations. He’s off to rescue Kristiss, her father and their fellow Petrusians. The Petrusians aren’t prone to fighting anyone, though, so it’s up to Lando to persuade them to fight for their lives in order to get out of there.

Plot-wise, we see Lando show up and prepare to fight. He meets Rythus, who is the father of Kristiss, and that’s about it. However, with this series just being about one excursion that him and L3 are on, there’s no need to quickly advance the plot with each issue. His charm and ego are enough to propel the story forward and give us a fun read.

The art continues to be solid with the Donald Glover depiction of Calrissian. Paolo Villanelli and Andres Mossa make a nice team on the art front. The colors pop when they need to and get a littler grittier depending on the situation the characters are in. It’s a nice balance.

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Overall, Lando: Double or Nothing #4 is setting up the finale in the next issue. We don’t quite get to see the Patrusians rebel against the Stormtroopers, but we know it’s coming. And while Calrissian is doing this just to get paid, it does show how he’s willing to help people (as long as there’s a benefit to him). We’ve seen him do the same later down the line for Luke, Han and Leia, so it’s nice to see that happening prior to those events.

Pick Lando: Double or Nothing #4 in your local comic shop, which is available now.