Han Solo: 5 reasons we love a scruffy looking, nerf herder


Han Solo is loved by Star Wars fans around the world and here are five reasons why we adore the scruffy looking nerd herder.

When it comes to Star Wars, the story is described as the “Skywalker Saga” as we follow Luke and Leia, and Anakin before them. Yet, the most relatable and lovable character was Han Solo.

He’s a scoundrel, a rebel, a smuggler, and even a nerf herder. Yet every word was said in the most endearing ways. There’s a reason Han Solo has been featured heavily in the Star Wars trailers and even got a standalone movie.

Han Solo is one of the most lovable characters in history and has been emulated in dozens of movies and TV shows even all these years later. Here are the reasons why we love Han Solo.

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Freedom to roam

Han Solo appeals to our sense of adventure. He isn’t held down by anything and roams the universe in his hunk of junk, going into one mess after another. But he does it all with a smile on his face while barely escaping by the skin of his teeth.

His freedom is something we can all love and appreciate. His responsibilities are simply to keep him and Chewbacca alive. There were no bigger obligations in his life until he ran into Luke and Leia.

Yet, that freedom, the feeling as though you’re literally flying among the stars is a compelling one

A good guy

As much as Han Solo wants to pretend he has ties, he’s a really a good guy at heart, coming to the rescue of his friends when they needed it. He may steal and smuggle, but he’s not about death and destruction.

During the battle to destroy the first Death Star, Han Solo collected his payment and was headed off to seemingly another job. But when things didn’t look good for Luke, Han showed up to fight off the tie fighters giving chase and uttered the memorable line, “Yahoo! You’re all clear, kid.”

Han Solo is a really a good guy at heart, and if he wasn’t there’s no way Leia would have chose him.

Photo Credit: [Star Wars: The Clone Wars] LucasfilmMost human character

Of all the characters in Star Wars, he most closely resembles the every-day person. There’s the light with Luke and Leia and dark with Darth Vader and the Empire. Han operates in the gray area, which most people do.

He’s not perfect, which makes us love him even more. He’s a good guy, but is also a smuggler. He will fight on the right side, but is also greedy. Han Solo’s flaws and imperfections are part of what makes him so endearing and one of the most relatable characters in this sci-fi adventure.

The anti-hero

In a world full of heroes, Han Solo was the anti-hero hero. He wasn’t in it for the glory nor was he self-righteous. Deep down, Han Solo did what was right when it mattered most and that’s the exact type of person we want on our side.

Because not only will he do what’s right, he will do what it takes to get the job done – even if that means lying a little and shooting a little to do it.

Twinkle in his eye

Han Solo is charming. There is no doubt about it. With that twinkle in his eye, he’s able to disarm even the most formidable people such as Leia. She didn’t expect to fall for him, but between his good heart, dashing looks and that gaze, she couldn’t help but fall for the man – like the rest of us.

Even after all the years, when Han Solo showed up again in The Force Awakens, he still had that same look that reminded us of the young smuggler.

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Han Solo is a character that is universally loved and we’re excited to celebrate the month of September as #SoloSeptember.

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