Hasbro reveals two new Star Wars figures at FAN EXPO Canada


Hasbro revealed two new Star Wars figures coming early next year, featuring Dryden Vos and Captain Phasma.

New Hasbro Star Wars figures are on the way, the company revealed ahead of FAN EXPO Canada.

While Hasbro has been steadily releasing new figures, it added two more to the list with a six-inch The Black Series Dryden Vos, and The Vintage Collection Captain Phasma. Both are expected to hit shelves in early 2019.

Hasbro held a panel at FAN EXPO Canada where it gave more details about the figures beyond the images it provided ahead of the convention. What’s interesting about the Dryden Vos figure is that it will feature paint that will add an effect to the scarring on his face depending on the temperature.

Hasbro’s The Black Series Dryden Vos. Photo credit: Hasbro.

Hasbro’s The Vintage Collection Captain Phasma. Photo credit: Hasbro.

Hasbro has announced a number of new figures in recent months with the biggest announcement coming at San Diego Comic-Con. There, it shared several new figures coming including Jabba’s sail barge.

The toy company has certainly been busy on the Star Wars front, giving fans and collectors chances to pick up new and original characters.

While fans will always clamor for characters such as Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca, there are a group of fans who enjoyed the newer movies and get the opportunity to revel in them with the new line.

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It’s good to see Hasbro is taking chances too and adding elements to the figures like with the use of thermochromatic paint on Dryden Vos. While some may remember a certain G.I. Joe figure changing color back in the ‘80s, it’s a good reminder of how fun these figures can be.

Look for the new Dryden Vos and Captain Phasma figures to come out in 2019.