Star Wars #53 review: Leia takes the fight to the Empire


Star Wars #53 continues the fight of the Rebellion after they were betrayed, but they are closer to getting out of the mess – but another is on the way.

The Rebellion is still under attack in Star Wars #53 with Luke in the thick of the fighting, Han trying to get to safety, and Leia figuring out how to fix the mess Queen Trios put them in after her betrayal.

Hope Dies has never been so apt because even when it seems the Rebellion gains little ground, they’re pushed back even further. While Luke learns from Han how to get the fighters outside to fight, he still has to give away his positioning to relay the information to the rest of the fleet. Luke and the Rogue Squadron are losing pilots, but don’t have much help just yet.

After Han’s battle with Darth Vader, the Millennium Falcon is looking a little worse for wear. But at least Luke and Han still have their sense of humor intact during the battle. However, Han needs to get to safety because the Falcon isn’t going to make it much longer under its current condition.

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Meanwhile Leia continues to watch ships in the fleet get destroyed by the Empire. She puts it on herself to fix the comms and get the fleet back online. But the only way to do it is on board the Executor.

So, Leia pretends to be Queen Trios to get on board the Executor by camouflaging their signal. Little does she realize, Darth Vader is on his way back to meet her thinking she is Queen Trios.

All three core figures play a role in Star Wars #53. There is a bit of hope with the odds getting better for the Rebellion, but as of right now they are still in a lot of trouble.

Star Wars #53, Salvador Larroca, Marvel Comcis/Disney.

It’s been interesting to read the Hope Dies part of the Star Wars issues because it shows the transition from A New Hope to The Empire Strikes Back.

Just as things were going in the favor of the Rebellions after A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back comes out and things were not looking good anymore.

Star Wars #53 did a better job with the artwork, although the characters look less like their movie counterparts than usual. The big panels were done extremely well, depicting space battles with nuanced details that makes you stop for a moment to take it all in.

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Star Wars #53 is another good read in the series, a good chance to keep up with the original crew of Luke, Leia and Han while they continue their journey to fight against the Empire and the Dark Side.

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