Star Wars: Smuggler’s Guide book releases this fall


Star Wars: Smuggler’s Guide will release on October 30. Here’s what we know about the book ahead of its release this fall.

The Star Wars Show released a new episode that announced a new book this fall. Star Wars: Smuggler’s Guide will be out on October 30, which isn’t all that far away. The book is penned by Dan Wallace, who compares the book to being along the lines of The Jedi Path, which released in 2010.

The book will be in the form of a log journal. It will include tales from various characters in the criminal world. You’ll get to read about stories from Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, of course, but Wallace wanted to focus on some of the smaller names in the criminal world, too. In an interview with, he notes that Dexter Jettster, Bib Fortuna and Cikatro Vizago will all take part in the book.

Smuggler’s Guide isn’t your typical book coming from Star Wars. Usually we’re getting standard novels, but this format offers a unique take on the stories these characters are telling. It’ll be interesting to see the finished product.

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I’m usually all over checking out the Star Wars books, but this one comes with a heftier price tag. Since it is being released as a deluxe edition, the book is currently $99.99 on Amazon. However, considering the unique content and layout that comes with it, I have no doubt that Star Wars fans will love this release. Pick up a copy if you think this will be up your alley.

Smuggler’s Guide by Dan Wallace releases on October 30 via Epic Ink.