Star Wars Theory: The best YouTube channel in the galaxy


If you’re like me and can’t get enough Star Wars, this YouTube channel will give you your daily dose and then some. With nearly 1.2 million subscribers and counting, Star Wars Theory is my first stop for all things Jedi.

There are only a few YouTube channels I find worth subscribing to. I’m mainly looking for my sports, movies, TV and comics. Star Wars Theory, however, is the one channel that I make time for everyday.

Star Wars Theory is every fan’s best friend. I’m always trying to get a nice helping of Star Wars and everything surrounding it. It’s one of those things that you just never outgrow. Clearly, the man behind Star Wars Theory is just as crazy about the franchise.

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With new videos released everyday, there’s no shortage of intriguing material here. A few of my personal favorites include “Every BUTTON and SWITCH on Darth Maul’s Lightsaber and What They Do“, and “The Beautiful Story of How Mace Windu Got His RARE Purple Crystal“. Every video is engaging; it’s not one of those channels where you get bored with the content halfway through.

Of course, the amount of material surrounding the Star Wars universe seems never-ending. Still, Star Wars Theory tackles just about every area of it, including comics, the Expanded Universe and news around the franchise. In recent months, however, fan fiction has taken the spotlight on this channel.

Photo Credit: [Rogue One: A Star Wars Story]LucasfilmUsing $100K of his own money, the man is giving the rest of Star Wars nation something to look forward to: a Darth Vader fan film. Due for release in December, everything I’ve seen regarding the project looks fantastic. You might be asking yourself why we need a Vader film if the whole saga was based on his journey. Well let me tell you, this one will be worth the wait.

Star Wars Theory is putting a ton of time and money into this endeavor, and the payoff for him and fellow fans alike is going to be awesome. With the recent casting of both Palpatine and Padme, the train is moving quickly.

But don’t take my word for it. Take it from the man himself on his channel’s bio:

"“This is truly a passion of mine and something I hold close to my heart, I hope that’s evident with the time, and passion I pour into my channel…..It goes far beyond having a “big” YouTube channel. It’s YOU who makes this all possible. Without you believing in me, I’m just a man behind the curtain. I promise to bring you the best Star Wars related content that I can, with a few jokes along the way and crazy fan-voted Fan-Fictions.”"

Bravo, Star Wars Theory. Bravo.

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