Star Wars: 8 moments that made us laugh


Even though Star Wars is about the fight between light and dark side, there are moments of levity. Here are eight moments that made us laugh.

While Star Wars features heavy topics, there are a number of moments that have made us laugh from throughout the movies.

Star Wars is more than just a space opera franchise. It’s full of moments that make the audience laugh out loud with its humorous quips. Every film from the original 1977 film to the recent Solo film has shown that even in times of carnage and war, humor is a must.

Here are eight moments that made us laugh during the Star Wars films.

8. “Oh Come On! I’m Blind!”

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The first anthology film, Rogue One, provided fans with a look at another side of the Rebel Alliance. It revealed the reason why the call sign ‘Rogue One’ wasn’t used in the original trilogy.

Rogue One introduces us to the ragtag group that put a stopper in the Empire’s plans. One member of that team Chirrut Îmwe was a blind member of the Guardians of the Whillis.

When the group formed, Jyn and Chirrut are kidnapped and a whole scenario plays out where they have bags placed over their heads. Chirrut, being blind remarks sarcastically, “Oh, come on! I’m blind!”

7. Tied To A Pole Could Be Full Of Humor… Or Not When You’re The Main Course

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Attack of the Clones might be a cheesy love story between the future Darth Vader and Padmé, but it has one hell of a climax. After Padmé confesses her love to Anakin before they’re about to be executed, Obi-Wan is already there and tied to a pole.

As Anakin and Padmé get pulled into the arena, Obi-Wan takes a stab at Anakin for getting himself into trouble. Anakin tells him that he and Padmé got the message and decided to rescue him.

Obi-Wan, forever annoyed with his apprentice, looks up at the chains tying his wrists to the pole. He issues a rather flat, yet sarcastic: “Good job.”

Not only does it add a great deal of humor to the scene, it adds a layer of emphasis on Obi-Wan’s relationship with Anakin.

6. Always Picking On The Wookiee

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If there’s one thing we learned over the course of the saga, its never pick on the Wookiee. The original Star Wars film introduces this notion that poking Chewbacca is the last thing you should do.

Picking on Chewie often means losing a limb. The guy at the cantina on Tatooine obviously didn’t know what would happen and lost his arm as a result.

Chewie has appeared in six of the Skywalker films and Solo, which sees him meet Han for the first time. Over the course of these films, Chewie has been subjected to insults and injuries most other Wookies wouldn’t stand for.

Chewie has had to endure being called everything from “A walking carpet” to “Fuzzball”.

5. Never Mess With The Little Green Dude

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The prequel films had a lukewarm response from fans and critics. However, there is one thing almost everyone agrees with: Yoda is amazing!

The films don’t just explore Darth Vader’s backstory and how he came to be. They explore what the Jedi were like before the Great Jedi Purge. While the Jedi weren’t explored as a whole, they did explain some things about Yoda before his days on Dagobah.

We see Yoda in his prime where he wields a green lightsaber, was the former master of Count Dooku and a badass in combat.

Attack of the Clones showed us what he was like when he was forced to confront Dooku for the first time in years and he was he energetic! He even showed his former apprentice who was the boss!

He had his own humorous moments when he threw Palpatine’s guards against the wall and back–sassed the Emperor without getting killed. But the moment that really takes the cake is when he is introduced in 1980’s Empire Strikes Back.

Empire introduces Yoda as a nutty hermit on Dagobah who instructed Obi-Wan back in his prime. He has a crazy hermit laugh that drove Luke insane at first. That’s probably the funniest scene we get with Yoda in the original trilogy.

4. Shorter Than Expected

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When it comes to Grievous, no one could predict who he was going to kill or maim next. For three years, he and Anakin weren’t allowed to meet in person until the early events of Revenge of the Sith.

Revenge of the Sith came out in 2005 and The Clone Wars series debuted in 2008. In saying that, Anakin and Grievous were aware of each other and often indirectly faced off.

During their brief encounter in Revenge of the Sith, Anakin comments:“General Grievous. You’re shorter than I expected.”

The encounter between the pair ends with Grievous calling Anakin, ‘Jedi scum.’ That’s no surprise. Every evil guy who has faced off against a Jedi would say that.

3.  Let The Wookiee Win

If there’s one thing you learn very quickly, its let the Wookiee win. R2-D2, the loyal astromech who served both Anakin and Luke over the years, liked to play games with the beloved Wookiee sidekick.

Han even states that if you win against a Wookiee, the outcome isn’t likely to be pleasant. Wookiees are known to throw the galaxy’s biggest tantrums if they lose.

C-3PO cautions his little metal buddy to let Chewie win, otherwise, they’d be dealing with a Wookiee sized tantrum.

2. Don’t Listen To The Droid Banter

Photo Credit: [Star Wars: A New Hope] Lucasfilm.

Droids always seem to get the last laugh in Star Wars.

From R2 and 3PO’s bickering out in the desert sands of Tatooine to Chopper’s constant fights with Zeb and Ezra, droid banter is often the best remedy for anyone who is having a bad day.

1. Don’t Lose Your Head

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

C-3PO was essentially the brains of the dynamic duo of him and R2-D2 or so he thought. In reality, R2 was brains. Just don’t tell 3PO that!

3PO had a terrible habit of getting his head knocked off his shoulders. We see it in Attack of the Clones during the opening battle of the Clone Wars. C-3PO’s head gets knocked off his body in the droid factory and is placed on a Battle Droid body. The funny part?

A Battle Droid’s head is placed on his body and it states: “Uh oh. I must need maintenance.”

During the battle, 3PO goes rogue for a fraction of a second and starts shooting at the Jedi while yelling, “Die Jedi Dogs! Oh! What did I say?”

He is knocked back by Kit Fisto and R2 pulls his head from the battle droid body. The astromech reattached his golden buddy’s head.

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In conclusion, humor is a must when it comes to making any Star Wars film. It can add a whole layer to the story and the development of the characters.