Five directors who should make a Star Wars film

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5. Kathryn Bigelow

Kathryn Bigelow’s most recent successes have been historical dramas including Detroit, Zero Dark Thirty, and the Hurt Locker. She also directed the historical thriller K19: The Widowmaker. However, a woman’s perspective on the ‘galaxy far far away’ would be refreshing.

She won an Oscar for her direction of the Hurt Locker. Both Zero Dark Thirty received an Oscar nomination. Her resume speaks for itself.

The majority of her films are historical in nature. However, her 1987 film Near Dark features a traveling group of vampires. This demonstrates that she can embrace a little sci-fi (even if it was over thirty years ago).

This match does not make sense due to her genre preferences and her selectivity. Despite the fact that she directed a semi-sci-fi film in the 1980s, she does not direct the big blockbuster, special effects movies. She is quite grounded in reality. In addition, the majority of her films shoot for a Best Picture nod, something a Star Wars movie has failed to do since the original.

Bigelow is not a likely choice for the job.