Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Top 10 moments in the show

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Image Courtesy: Lucasfilm

2. Yoda faces the Dark Side version of himself (season 6, episode 12)

Yoda gets another spot on this list because he has some interesting encounters throughout The Clone Wars. Instead of interacting with the ghost of Darth Bane this time, he’s interacting with the Dark Side version of himself.

This happens in season 6, which is when we see a good amount of Yoda as he goes on a lengthy solo mission.

In “Destiny,” Yoda is confronted by his Dark Side shadow. As he continues to reject that the shadow is a part of him, he finds himself taking a pretty bad beating. It isn’t until he accepts that the Dark Side will always exist inside him (even if it remains dormant) that he’s able to defeat his shadow.

This was just one of the tests from the Preistesses. However, what I like about this battle is that it ends up being more of an internal one despite Yoda physically fighting the shadow. He wins in the end, but it was more of him accepting all of who he is instead of just the pieces he wants to accept.

These final episodes added a lot to Yoda’s story and this was one of the more powerful moments during those episodes.