Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Top 10 moments in the show

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Photo credit: Lucasfilm/The Clone Wars

10. The Nightsisters (season 3, episode 12)

The Nightsisters have appeared in both Star Wars Canon and the Legends stories. In The Clone Wars, we see them in relation to Asajj Ventress and her storyline. Asajj Ventress, like Darth Maul, was from Dathomir and in “Nightsisters” we see her be betrayed by Count Dooku and taken in by her former order.

This episode in particular gives us a good look at the history of Asajj Ventress without needing to dive too deep into it. We see the Nightsisters, and Clan Mother Talzin, take her in once Dooku has left her to perish. She’s picked a fight with Anakin and Obi-Wan at this point, but that doesn’t do her in either.

Asajj Ventress made such an impression in The Clone Wars that she was one of the main characters in Dark Disciple by Christie Golden. If you want to know more about the character outside of her appearance in this episode of The Clone Wars (and the other episodes that she’s in), I highly recommend checking out the book.

Ventress is an interesting character and the Nightsisters are crucial to her story, which is why the moment they take her back in nabbed a spot on the list.