Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Top 10 moments in the show

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9. Rex goes against General Pong Krell (season 4, episode 9)

General Pong Krell isn’t one of the most well-known characters in the galaxy, but he plays an important role in Rex’s story. General Krell appears in a few episodes of The Clone Wars during the Umbara story arc. He’s ordered troops to go against each other and Rex figures it out.

When Rex and other soldiers decided to go against General Krell’s orders, they knew he wouldn’t be happy. However, they had a plan to arrest him and he wound up killing more clones as he slipped away. Once he was captured, Dogma ended up executing him for betraying them.

General Krell was playing mind games with Rex before his execution and it worked on Rex just long enough for him to hesitate. The Battle of Umbara showed that Rex wasn’t just another clone who took orders without thinking things through.

This is a trait that made him valuable throughout the years. He became one of the staple characters in the series and fans love him. Even though he looks like a clone, he never feels like he’s just another one of them.

In a way, this moment is a triumph for Rex. If he had gone along with General Krell’s orders, we wouldn’t have many more great moments with him after this because he likely would have died in the battle.

Plus, he and the 501st Legion were able to keep General Krell from turning on them even more and joining Dooku. In the end, getting rid of him was the right move, even if Rex didn’t do it himself.