Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Top 10 moments in the show

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Photo credit: Lucasfilm/The Clone Wars

7. Yoda meets the ghost of Darth Bane (season 6, episode 13)

Yoda had plenty of his own side journeys in The Clone Wars and the episode where he meets the ghost of Darth Bane is one from “ The Lost Missions.”

The 13 season 6 episodes (including the one with Fives death) were released after the show’s cancellation by Netflix on March 7, 2014. This allowed for some closure on certain stories.

These episodes also gave us the moment where Yoda meets the ghost of Darth Bane. Yoda visits Moraband, which is the homeward of the Sith.

This is all part of a test by the Force Preistesses and Yoda realizes that Darth Bane is just an illusion. The animation is fantastic in this scene, too. It is dark and mysterious, but the way Bane’s ghost moves is wonderful to watch.

Yoda is one of those characters who will always have great moments when he’s around. This side adventure with him was surely one of them and it’s interesting to see how the dead find their way back into the story. Thankfully, Yoda is smart enough to know that Darth Bane is only trying to intimidate him and that he isn’t actually real.