What’s your most controversial Star Wars opinion?


After a question of the most controversial Star Wars opinion was posed by a fan on Twitter, fellow members of the fandom have made their boldest opinions of the franchise known.

Star Wars Twitter was has been alive and well the past couple of days, mostly thanks to a compelling inquiry made by one of our fellow fans.

@BoxerlessBossk (great name) recently asked for Star Wars nation’s most controversial opinions of the saga, only to have a boatload of inputs come his way. While the question got me thinking, I found some of the responses to be both hilarious and outlandish.

One of the most outrageous opinions came from @anthwebster, who claimed (sarcastically I hope) that “Nien Nunb was more important to the success of the rebellion than Luke Skywalker.” NIEN. NUNB. That might be a little controversial.

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Another claim that made me bust out laughing was from @ChrisGaldieri, saying that “every time Darth Vader says “as you wish” to Tarkin, he really means “I love you.”” If you thought the prequels changed the way you watched the originals, think again.

The deepest one that I came across was posed by @stevenmelching. Melching dove deep into the soul, saying that “Anakin’s awkward courtship of Padme in AOTC wasn’t due to poor writing/directing/acting, but rooted in having been ripped from his mother to grow up without friends in a monastery. He doesn’t know how to relate to women or deal with his feelings, and has no one to ask.” That one makes you think, @stevenmelching. And you know what, this might actually be true. George Lucas’s genius still hasn’t been realized.

@hoob_pls really got to me with his post, saying that “Boba Fett is the most overrated character in SW history.” That one hurts.

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My most controversial Star Wars opinion might be a hot take, but then again it might not be. I happen to believe that Revenge of the Sith is the best movie in the franchise to date. Call me crazy, but I really think it is. It’s the first Star Wars movie I remember seeing in the theater and the first one I recall trailers for. It also might be the most emotional entry in the saga, mostly because it connects Anakin’s downfall as a Jedi with his rise as a Sith Lord. I love A New HopeThe Empire Strikes Back and Rogue One, but I’ve always held ROTS in high esteem.

What’s your most controversial Star Wars opinion? Let us know in the comments.