15 shows on Netflix to watch if you love Star Wars

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15. Travelers

The Netflix original drama Travelers isn’t set in space. It doesn’t feature non-humans. Any shootouts are kept loosely within the limits of scientific possibility. In short, its subject matter is very different from Star Wars. Still, I think that devoted fans of the franchise will find that the spirit of both projects are similar.

Travelers is a science-fiction series produced out in Canada. In this show’s version of the future, Earth has faced apocalypse and its people must fight to survive. In an effort to save the planet as well as their own lives, the future humans develop a unique technology that can send special agents, called “travelers,” back in time. These specially trained operatives take on the bodies of a person that was intended to die and use the new body to conduct missions that are supposed to ultimately prevent the future apocalypse.

Travelers is a pretty great show but it’s certainly more of a hidden gem rather than an explosive hit. While it’s approaching its third season (due to premiere solely on Netflix this go-around), I’d say it’s only just starting to gain momentum and begin to gather an American fan base. There’s no confirmed date for the next season’s release, but filming just wrapped this summer, so many are guessing we will see the newest installment of the show by winter of this year. Now’s the perfect time for a Star Wars fan to cozy up and settle in for a new, exciting adventure.