Solo writer thinks Thandie Newton “too good” in Star Wars movie


Thandie Newton “too good” for the role of Val, which made losing her even worse in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Thandie Newton’s character Val in Solo: A Star Wars Story died too quickly and in vain. It was a tough loss because she felt like she did it for Beckett to get his pay day but in the end, it did nothing for him.

The negative feelings on her death were felt by many Star Wars fans because they felt Newton was wasted in that role.

Fans aren’t the only ones who felt that way. Jon Kasdan, co-writer of Solo, offered a number of facts and insight on the movie recently on Twitter. One of them pertained to Newton as Val.

"“In retrospect, Thandie Newton may actually have been too good and too interesting as Val. It was always in the design of the story that Beckett would lose his trusted crew members during the Conveyex Job-gone-wrong and be forced to rely on the newbies. Han and Chewie and this would also open the door for Lando, Qi’Ra and L3 to join the crew, but Thandie is so compelling to watch that the death of her character feels a little like a cheat. It’s an odd and unexpected problem that comes with working with such amazing, compelling actors in the Star Wars universe. You just want more of them.”"

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We can’t say we disagree with Kasdan’s take on Val’s death. Newton is a fabulous actress that compels viewers to notice her in any role. It was no different with Val. Along with her own presence, she gave a swagger to the crew, made Beckett more likable and pushed Han Solo to claw his way into the group.

But regardless if it was Newton in that role or another woman, Val was just there to prop up Beckett’s story. It still came off better in the book than in the movie, but her death was still disappointing.

And, yes, it did leave us wanting more. Val’s death is one of my biggest hang ups of Solo. Though now that Kasdan mentions that Beckett losing his crew was the way in for Lando and L3, it would have to take some re-writes to get back to that point. Given what they had already established about Val’s character, she wasn’t going to leave Beckett. Those two were staying together until the end.

Next. Solo novel details Val’s sacrifice, but it doesn’t make it feel any better. dark

Although, Val did express her concerns over the heist, the book did offer a bit more insight into Val’s mind. Author Mur Laferty wrote:

"Beckett wouldn’t have retired at the end of this job. She knew that. She wouldn’t have let him. She loves the rush of the job, the thrill of getting away with whatever was needed at the time, the satisfaction of working with a team where all of the pieces clicked into place like a reassembled blaster. She liked the credits, she liked working with people who had become her family. Family who would die for her."

In reality, the way Val and Beckett lived, there was only way it would have ended for them and it wasn’t playing the valachord.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is available for Digital HD download with the Blu-Ray coming out on September 25.