Mothers and Daughters: The evolution of Padmé and Leia

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Lifelong Loves

After the First Battle of Geonosis, Anakin returned Padmé to Naboo where they secretly married. Their marriage was forbidden as the Jedi Order didn’t allow romantic attachments. Their relationship was a close kept secret from even the couple’s closest friends, which includesd Anakin’s master and best friend, Obi-Wan and his Padawan, Ahsoka.

Unlike her parents, Leia’s relationship with Han didn’t start off as a crush. It started off as a mutual dislike. As time passed, the pair fell in love. As strange as that sounds, they ended up marrying after the Battle of Endor and they had a son, Ben, who had inherited his mother’s Force sensitivity. Also, Leia, Han and Luke hid the boy’s heritage from him in an attempt to keep him from becoming like his grandfather.

Padmé loved and adored Anakin and believed before she died there was still goodness within him. This belief would be carried on by her son who redeemed his father before Vader died as Anakin.

Like the love her mother had for her father, Leia loved Han even when they were separated. She felt his death at the hands of their own son, who felt Han had abandoned him. Leia was able to push her grief away as she fought to avenge her husband’s death on her terms.

Photo Credit: [Star Wars: The Last Jedi] Lucasfilm

Star Wars Fashion Icons

Padmé and Leia were massive style icons during their respected times. Their styles reflected their positions of power while they were respected politicians.

Padmé went through three critical roles in her short lifetime. A Queen. A senator. Finally, she was also the secret wife of a Jedi. Her outfits reflected her stations brilliantly and it didn’t matter if she was dressed for a senate session or welcoming her husband home.

Leia’s sense of style wasn’t nearly as revealing as her mother’s. Sure, she ended up wearing a gold metal bikini, but that’s beside the point. Because Leia was raised during the time of the Empire, this was a period in which there were no patterns. There were very few colors that weren’t white, grey or black. Talk about very few colors to choose from.