Who’s the new Sith Lord in the Star Wars canon?


Need more Dark Lords of the Sith in your life? Disney has added a new Sith Lord named Darth Momin to its Star Wars canon.

Look out Star Wars fans because there’s a new Sith Lord in the house! Okay, well he’s not THAT new. If you’re a fan of the Darth Vader comics series, you would have at least seen Darth Sidious mention an individual named Momin who was a Sith Lord.

According to Palpatine, Momin’s Force techniques were considered extreme even for the Sith. The emperor goes on to say there is no mention of Momin in any Jedi or Sith Holocron and that his presence within Sith culture wasn’t recorded because no master should have taught their apprentice the way Momin would have.

His methods were never replicated by any Sith who succeeded him and he became forgotten amongst the Sith ranks.

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There is currently limited information on this new Sith, other than what got revealed in the comics. From what we do know, he died well before 19BBY which was when Anakin Skywalker took up the mantle as Darth Vader. No date of birth and no proper date of death was unearthed for the character. It was also revealed Momin was a sculptor.

When Anakin fought Jedi Librarian Jocasta Nu when he lead the assault on the Jedi Temple in 19BBY, Nu hid in a vault that contained Momin’s helmet. Skywalker, now going by the name of Darth Vader, was quick to learn of the vault and the helmet’s existence. He relayed this information to Palpatine who collected the helmet as an addition to the Sith artifacts he had collected over the years.

Darth Vader #21. Charles Soule/Marvel Comics.

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Sometime later, Sidious gave Vader the helmet as a guide while he was studying Sith history on Mustafar during his early days as a Sith apprentice. During the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin, the helmet was stored on the Imperialis, the Emperor’s yacht that was later stolen and destroyed.

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