Star Wars rumor: New leak reveals there could be a traitor in Episode IX


A new Star Wars: Episode IX leak, that is unconfirmed, reveals a character will turn traitor and why they have decided to switch sides.

A fresh new Star Wars: Episode IX leak reveals that a character will turn traitor in the next installment of the Star Wars franchise. The leak not only reveals this very specific plot point but also goes on to reveal who exactly this character is and why they have decided to switch sides.

Before we get started. Please keep in mind that this leak has not been confirmed and is unlikely to be confirmed until Star Wars: Episode IX is released. So, please take everything with a pinch of salt and treat this like any other rumor; because although it might happen, it might not.

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This “leak” comes from the Express and in their report, they detail how Kylo Ren learns that someone amongst their rank is handing over secrets to the Resistance. A nice change I have to admit, usually it is the other way around. Someone good turning bad is usually the Star Wars preference, rather than someone bad turning good.

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The report continues and explains that it General Hux that is the one who has decided to switch sides. He is the First Order mole who is giving away secrets to the Resistance.

But why?

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Well, it’s not exactly a trade secret that Hux was never a fan of Kylo Ren. No doubt he hoped to become Snoke’s successor, something that obviously didn’t happen when Kylo killed him in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

So Hux is trying to bring Kylo down by feeding the Resistance information, in the hope of undermining Kylo and ultimately usurping him and becoming the supreme leader of the First Order himself.

The leak makes perfect sense and with Star Wars: Episode IX to be the last installment of this trilogy it would give the opportunity to bring the two characters stories to an end.

But again though, this is not confirmed. While it makes perfect sense to happen, there is the chance it will not.

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What do you think? Do you think this is one leak that is spot on? Or do you think it is rubbish? If true do you think Hux will succeed? Or will Kylo find him? Share what you are thinking by dropping a comment below.