Top 5 Lando Calrissian moments from Solo: A Star Wars Story


Lando Calrissian, played by Donald Glover, has a penchant for stealing scenes in Solo. Here’s some of his best moments.

Donald Glover’s performance as Lando Calrissian breathed new life into the character decades after Billy Dee Williams donned the cape on the big screen. From Glover’s pronunciation of “Han” (a call-back to Williams’ rendition of Lando) to his smile and charm, Lando is the same character everyone knows from the Original Trilogy, he’s just portrayed by a new actor.

And credit is due for Glover. His presence in every scene is all-consuming, elevating Lando from a peripheral character to often a focal point in a movie named after the protagonist. That’s not to take away from Alden Ehrenreich’s performance as Han Solo either (which very is enjoyable), it’s just Glover’s inherent charisma put on full display. The bright yellow outfit Lando wears for almost the entire movie serves as the perfect metaphor for Glover’s part, meant to be an attractive, can’t-be-missed, in-your-face character.

That being said, let’s look at some of the best Lando Calrissian moments from Solo: A Star Wars Story, now out on digital HD.

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1. Lando’s introduction

As soon as we meet Lando in Solo: A Star Wars Story, his charm, cunning and smile elevate the movie to another level. The first third of the movie is mostly spent in the gray factories of Coreillia or plain mountains of Vandor-1 during the first coaxium job. The Lodge on Fort Ypso, where Lando first appears, invites drinks, talking and color. Then we hear Lando boast, “Everything you’ve heard about me [dramatic pause] is true,” and it makes the character just feel right.

After all, for audiences to buy into a new Lando, his performance in the movie needed to land. Especially his introduction, where viewers would likely decide right then and there if they’re in or out on Glover as Lando – needless to say, he nails it and sets the tempo for the rest of the movie.

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2. Haggling for his share

Lando is a businessman, and helping the crew secure a ship for a dangerous mission invites risk. So Lando goes all-in for his share, requiring half go to him. Then Beckett gets involved. While Lando sweet-talks Beckett to help his mighty sum’s case, Beckett shuts him down with an offer of a 25 percent cut, and Lando is forced to accept.

When Calrissian needs help getting the Millennium Falcon out of lockup, Beckett is eager to volunteer so he can take 5  percent off Lando’s cut, prompting him to say: “I don’t like it, I don’t agree with it, but I accept it.” He does this while gesturing with his fingers and transitioning into a handshake seamlessly in a display of utter swagger.

3. The Calrissian Chronicles

In only a brief but memorable moment, Lando starts to enter another chapter into his Calrissian Chronicles that detail past adventures. He speaks into the recorder like a cool jazz radio DJ, making the moment perfect.

4. Saving L3

After the revolution and chaos on Kessel, L3 gets caught in crossfire just as the crew tries to pull away. Lando watches his co-pilot, whom he shares great love for, get hit and dashes into action to save the droid, which is captured by an over-the-shoulder view that sees Lando dodge enemies and slide under a falling pillar in one of the more action-hero-esque moments of the Star Wars movies.

5. Hating on Han

After the crew’s bumpy Kessel Run journey they land on Savareen to convert the unrefined coaxium for Dryden Vos. As the crew waits around to collect their offer for Vos, Han and Lando share a tense but endearing moment over the state of the Falcon, which is tattered from Han’s flying maneuvers.

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After a pause Lando says “I hate you,” and Han replies “I know,” an obvious call-back to the “I love you.” / “I know.” exchange he has with Leia in The Empire Strikes Back. Glover shows the right amount of disgust through Lando that resembles more of a friend’s squabble than pure hate, making the moment land given how we know their relationship progresses later on.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story is available for Digital HD download now and on Blu-Ray Sept. 25.