Star Wars: Episode IX rumors still to be addressed

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Time jump expected

This is something that I can see either being confirmed or denied by the time Star Wars: Episode IX comes around; heck it might be dealt with by the time I finish writing this post, making this slide completely pointless, if it has, oh well, that’s how it goes, just click the next button.

Anyway, rumors have been flying around faster than an X-Wing that Star Wars: Episode IX will be set much further in the future, a.k.a a time jump, than what any previous Star Wars movie has done before.

John Boyega was the one to kick off this rumor when he explained that he needs to grow out his hair for filming and apparently, we will understand why he has done this as soon as the trailer is released to the world.

It would make sense for there to be a significant time jump between Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Star Wars: Episode IX. The Resistance was all but decimated to a handful of fighters, so they will no doubt need to regroup, recruit and revive the Resistance before taking on the First Order.

If they don’t, and somehow defeat the First Order with the few remaining numbers they have, I will be asking some serious questions about their tactical abilities, unless they have an ace up their sleeve that would swing the pendulum of victory in a certain direction. Perhaps a First Order traitor….