Star Wars: Episode IX rumor: Rey’s parents emerge according to latest leak


The latest Star Wars: Episode IX rumor involves Rey’s parents revealing themselves to Rey while visiting a new jungle planet.

As always everyone, this is a Star Wars: Episode IX rumor and should be taking lightly. If the latest leak is true, then Rey’s parents will supposedly reveal themselves to her, yet it could equally turn out to be nothing but a massive red herring.

Coming straight from the Daily Express who were able to get its hands on a storyboard. It displays a rear shot of Rey with her lightsaber ignited. The environment around her is described as being, “jungle-like,” and in front of her is two figures that glow white; one female, one male, both holding hands.

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The storyboard concept is what has sparked the latest Star Wars: Episode IX rumor; that this is when Rey will meet her parents.

It’s not exactly a cut and dry situation here. The subject surrounding Rey’s parents is technically closed; as it was revealed in The Last Jedi when Kylo Ren told Rey her parents where nobody’s who sold her for drinking money.

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Many are hoping that this was a lie and we will learn her parents are actually somebody important in the Star Wars universe, a Skywalker or Kenobi for example.

If it turns out to be the latter, then why have Rey’s parents come back glowing white? Is what we need to focus on next? Are they dead? If so, why are they glowing white? Normally a Force Ghost glows blue. Is it a vision, or message being sent to via the Force between them?

Lot’s of questions, so very little answers.

Then you need to consider if it isn’t Rey’s parents and they are sticking with the original idea that they were nobodies. Then who are they? What significance will they play?

Again, lots of questions, so very little answers.

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So, what do you think is going on here? Are this Rey’s parents revealing themselves? Or is it something else entirely? Share your thoughts by dropping a comment just below.