Star Wars: 30 greatest moments not seen in the movies

Star Wars: The Clones Wars. "The Wrong Jedi." Season 5 episode 20. Photo: Lucasfilm.
Star Wars: The Clones Wars. "The Wrong Jedi." Season 5 episode 20. Photo: Lucasfilm. /
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Star Wars 16: The Hunter
Star Wars 16: The Hunter. Photo: Marvel Comics. /

14. Star Wars #16

This comic is literally the birth of the expanded universe. It’s the first time none of the primary characters were featured and dealt entirely with nothing but new character introductions.

Captain Valance the bounty hunter

The majority of this comic deals with Captain Valance, a bounty hunter and leader of mercenaries. When the comic starts he’s destroying a medical station on Telos-4 for an unknown reason. During the chaos, however, he hears a story about Star-Hoppers on Aduba-3, and somehow confuses it for the Rebels and the Death Star’s destruction. In that same story, he also hears about a farm boy named Jimm and confuses him for Luke Skywalker. Yeah, because those two stories are similar. Dude obviously had hearing problems. Nonetheless, bounty hunters hunt bounties, and Luke had a price on his head.

Eventually, Valance runs into a sarcastic, sentient rabbit named Jaxxon, who may as well be a precursor for Rocket Raccoon on Guardians of the Galaxy. Much like Han Solo, Jaxxon is a smuggler and a pilot. Along with Jaxxon and his human colleague Amaiza, farm boy Jimm, who is not Luke, battles Valance until a Bantha stampede really wins the battle.

As the comic ends, we discover Valance, who hates droids, suffered injuries at the hands of a Stormtrooper. Valance is actually cybernetic, which makes his hearing issues even more peculiar, but at least it explains why he blew up a medical station.

All in all, this is the Expanded Universe canon, and it allowed for everything else we know and love.