Star Wars Rebels’ Steve Blum to host webinar on becoming a voice actor


Steve Blum is the voice of Zeb Orrelios on Star Wars Rebels and he’s hosting a webinar on how to become a voice actor.

Animated shows have a long history of employing fantastic voice actors. Some people only ever do voice acting during their careers. Other times, you might see some familiar names come across the screen during one of your favorite animated shows. People always wonder how exactly one becomes a voice actor and now we have an answer.

Steve Blum, who voiced Zeb Orrelios in Star Wars Rebels, has been in the business for a few decades now. If you head over to his IMDb page, you’ll see credit after credit of him voicing characters in big shows over the years.

Blum created Blumvox Studios to help out aspiring and veteran voiceover artists. If you head to the Blumvox website, you can sign up for his upcoming live webinar, which will take place on Tuesday, October 2.

Here’s a look at what the curriculum includes:

"Live webinarsIn-depth trainingLive coaching classesDirect access to professionals (actors, producers, directors, writers) from across the industryDetailed monthly multi-media newsletterMore than 16 archived voiceover classes (as of this printing) with follow-up Q&A for each"

That’s a good amount of content that you’re getting with that curriculum. Steve Blum has plenty of experience under his belt and he’s giving back by teaching people how they can find their voice, what microphone techniques they should have and much more. You’re guaranteed to pick up new skills with the webinar if you attend. The sign up process is fast and easy.

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Steve Blum also has a  Live Coaching Advanced Class scheduled for October 10, 2018. Be sure to check this all out if you’re interested in becoming a voice actor.