Star Wars Theory: The Mandalorian may involve Rebels’ Sabine Wren


News of Jon Favreau’s live-action television series, The Mandalorian is picking up speed. Will the series feature Rebels character, Sabine Wren?

Rumors are swirling around the plot of Jon Favreau’s live-action television series, The Mandalorian. The program takes place seven years after Return of the Jedi. It’s unknown yet what the story will entail.

The nature behind the main character isn’t understood. Though, a familiar face from earlier media may appear. If you haven’t guessed already from the title of this article, we’re talking about Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels.

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If you’re new to the franchise or have yet to see the animated series, you are thinking, “Who the heck is this chick and why should I care?”

She is the perfect ally you want in The Mandalorian and here’s why:

The woman is a full-fledged warrior, except she wasn’t born on Mandalore. Knowing the big Star Wars buffs, you’ll drop a comment and argue if Ursa didn’t give birth to her daughter on the planet itself, she’s not Mandalorian. She is. Why else could she wield the Darksaber? Her parents are pure-bloodied Mandalorians with her mother being a member of Death Watch. Wren’s home is Krownest, a planet in the Mandalore sector.

Sabine was once a cadet at the Imperial Academy until she realized they were inadequate. She did odd jobs before she joined Hera and Kanan as the fifth follower of The Ghost crew. Codenamed Spectre-5, she became the explosives expert of the team and used her artistic flair to spread a message of rebellion to the Empire.

In the final scene of Rebels, we see her post-Battle of Endor where she teams up with Ahsoka to search for Ezra.

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The young Mando might have a serious side, but she is always there for her friends and allies. She’s loyal and willing to go out with a bang.

Sabine would be the perfect addition to The Mandalorian because of her family and their past with their heritage. She’s also knowledgeable in all things Mandalore.

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