Star Wars: Resistance star Christopher Sean recalls experiencing Star Wars for the first time


The voice of Kaz, Christopher Sean, was a Star Wars fan before he joined the cast of a Star Wars TV show.

Do you remember the first time you were exposed to a galaxy far, far away? I do.

The Phantom Menace will always hold a special place in my heart – for no reason other than I was 7 when it came out on home video (!), Jar Jar Binks was hilarious, and I really wanted podracing to be a thing (still do).

Christopher Sean remembers his first “Star Wars moment” too. The voice of Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono has his father to thank for discovering Star Wars at a young age. His first movie? The Empire Strikes Back. An interesting place to start, but it still changed his life forever.

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He told “I just remember thinking … this is everything.”

Having a fan play a critical role in developing and expanding Star Wars canon is a big deal.

Not all actors are fans of the franchises they join – especially the Harrison Fords and Carrie Fishers of the industry who had no idea what they were getting into when they first agreed to be in a movie about space.

But seeing fans live their dreams adds something extra to the experience. Their performances are just a little more magical, having grown up loving the universe they now get to be a part of. AND IT’S THEIR JOB!

Sean also said he enjoyed sharing Star Wars with his stepchildren for the first time the same way his father shared it with him. He looks forward to sharing Resistance with his whole family.

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The show will kick off with a one-hour premiere, during which we’ll get to meet Team Fireball and hopefully fall in love with Kaz and crew instantly.

Star Wars: Resistance premieres October 7 at 10 /9c on Disney XD.