The reason the Ewoks had a dress ready for Leia will terrify you


They’re cute, cuddly and teddy bear-like. Though, why did the Ewoks have a dress for Princess Leia?

The Ewoks introduced in Return of the Jedi often receive a bad rap. Some say they’re the Jar Jar Binks of the original trilogy. In this fan’s opinion, they’re cute creatures who deserve our attention! Though, they got scary when they wanted to eat Luke and Han and treated C-3PO and Leia like gods.

Leia shared a rather unusual bond with the cute little cannibalistic beasts. They gave her a dress which fit her perfectly. How is that possible?

According to, a user on Reddit named premeddit points to two factors about the Ewoks that should be obvious to fans. The first is Ewoks eat humans and Wookiees. Second, the dress appears made from materials found on Endor.

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There are a few possibilities to consider. The first possibility is Leia had the dress on her and the second is someone else owned the dress. The Ewoks stole it, thinking it would fit any human.

Evidence of this exists in the now-legends film Ewoks: Battle for Endor where humans crash on the planet. Leia, Han and Luke’s exploration on Endor wasn’t the first time humans visited the planet, according to this film. The possibility of the dress belonging to another woman before the Ewoks found Leia is fairly high.

How did they get the dress? They killed to get it! They ate the dress’s owner and kept the dress for a rainy day. Plain and simple, right? It’s just a shame Leia never discovered the truth about where the Ewok got the dress in the first place.

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If Leia discovered where the dress came from, she would have pulled her friends out of there. The Ewoks wouldn’t be impressed if their honored guest tried to escape them.

What are your thoughts on this theory? Let us know below!