Star Wars Resistance: Series premiere is perfect start to a new adventure


The Star Wars Resistance series premiere offered the perfect blend of danger and hope in a world dedicated to ace pilots.

The newest Star Wars animated series made its premiere, showcasing a world dedicated to ace pilots. Star Wars Resistance features Kaz, a pilot who is working as a Resistance spy to discover a First Order informant.

Everything about Star Wars Resistance was good from the opening scene to the self-contained world of the Colossus. Immediately, Kaz and company were relatable and viewers were pulled into a different world than we’re accustomed to in the Star Wars universe.

There is the backdrop of the First Order versus the Resistance, and we know about the high stakes immediately as the show opens with Kaz and two co-pilots under attack by the crimson-cloaked Major Vonreg in his matching TIE fighter. We’re also reminded about the evil and danger by the end of the episode.

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Kaz puts himself in danger to save his fellow pilots, but nearly loses his life until flyboy Poe Dameron shows up. Poe is as charming as ever even as a cartoon character.

Poe intertwines the movies and animated series, but it’s not really needed for the duration of the episode – which is why Poe doesn’t stick around. This gives us a chance to get to know the new characters such as Kaz, Yeager, Neeku, and Tam. Poe gave us their introductions and then ducks out of the way to give them the spotlight.

What’s interesting about Star Wars Resistance is the self-contained world they are on and how much of that is going to push storylines. Poe takes Kaz to the Colossus, what looks like an oilrig, but is the home of races with some of the best pilots in the galaxy. The Colossus is completely surrounded by water and the only way to get there is really by plane.

Everything that happens will be in this small setting and it doesn’t require the show to go deep into surrounding worlds or other cultures – as it will all come to the Colossus. Much of the show is going to be dependent on the Colossus, and it will become a character on its own much like TV shows set in cities like New York and Chicago.

Even though in the first episode, we only spent 45 minutes with Kaz, I think a lot of people can already relate to him. He’s the son of a politician who wants his father’s approval. Because of that he pushes himself further than he should, taking risks that sometimes he shouldn’t.

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Even though Kaz knows he is a good pilot, there is a likable quality to him and it doesn’t come off as cocky. He’s still a kid at heart trying to find his place in the big, bad galaxy. What’s most important is that he has a good heart.

Star Wars Resistance might be aimed at kids, it’s perfect for any Star Wars fans, no matter the age.

Tune into Star Wars Resistance on Disney Channel Sundays at 10/9c p.m, or watch on the Disney app.