Star Wars: Episode IX rewrite adds two months to film’s shooting


A recent Star Wars: Episode IX rewrite has apparently extended filming on one set by two months. Seems like J.J. Abrams is working to get this one right.

When it comes to such a massive undertaking like Star Wars: Episode IX, there’s going to be rewrites and re-shoots, changes to scripts, schedules that need to be updated.

That’s the point of where we are with Star Wars. Recent rumors have popped up about actors needing to change schedules due to a rewrite so massive that it will take two months to film. This won’t change the release schedule of Episode IX, though, it should still come out in December 2019.

But it does make us all wonder what is happening on the various Star Wars sets.

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First, a redditor u/Riri1991 stated Adam Driver, who plays Kylo Ren, had to cancel a university appearance due to a filming conflict. Couple that with a report from Star Wars News Net that filming at one of the sets has been extended by two months due to a rewrite.

While it could worry some, this actually gives me hope for Star Wars: Episode IX. J.J. Abrams apparently did this with The Force Awakens, rewriting as needed.

Sometimes, if you have something on paper, you don’t actually get the full picture until you see it played out. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. I would much rather see a director take their time and work through issues then try to shoehorn a scene that doesn’t work.

But we just don’t know what those changes are yet. Perhaps it involved Driver, but it could also just be normal scheduling changes for Driver. At least it didn’t ruin his Saturday Night Live appearance.

Hopefully, we’ll get more leaks soon.

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The latest bona fide leak featured a set found in Jordan, but mostly all we’ve gotten are lots of rumors and speculation.

Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to come out in December 2019.