How Ahsoka Tano shaped Anakin Skywalker as a character

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Separated by Dooku and sending Rotta home

Once the two Jedi and R2-D2 reach Tatooine with a recovered Rotta, they get separated when Dooku arrives to kill the Huttlet. Anakin has Ahsoka take Rotta and R2 while he takes on Dooku himself.

While Ahsoka takes Rotta, her journey to Jabba’s palace isn’t smooth. She gets cornered by several MagnaGuards with only R2 as her backup. She holds her own the best she can while R2 gets knocked out of the fight early on.

Anakin meanwhile gets to Jabba’s palace and finds Ahsoka isn’t there. He panics and threatens Jabba when Ahsoka arrives with Rotta. Padmé saves their skins when Jabba orders Anakin and Ahsoka’s executions.

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The first and second year

Anakin and Ahsoka’s relationship went from strength to strength. During the first year of the war, Ahsoka became a secret keeper to her master’s marriage. He didn’t know. Anakin trusted Ahsoka to play bodyguard to Padmé whenever he couldn’t be there himself.

Over this time, Ahsoka and Padmé formed a firm friendship. They discover they have one thing in common: They love getting on Anakin’s nerves. Ahsoka would often side with Padmé during certain situations while Anakin was on the opposing side of the argument.

Ahsoka often commented to Padmé just how much she [the senator] had in common with Anakin. Before Ahsoka revealed she knew about them, Padmé would change the subject.

Trust goes both ways

Because of how close Anakin and Ahsoka had become, they had each other’s backs. While Anakin was a little hesitant to allow Ahsoka to fly at first, he eventually gave in when she complained about her lack of time in space.

Over time, Anakin became fiercely protective of his young charge. When she goes missing with Luminara’s Padawan Barriss, Anakin stops at nothing to find her, despite Luminara not wanting to rescue the girls.

Ahsoka repays Anakin for his kindness time and time again by rescuing him and saving his skin in battle and in front of the Jedi council. She feels nothing but gratitude towards him for everything he has done for her.

Anakin goes from seeing Ahsoka as a pest to a dear friend and little sister he needs to guide and to prevent getting into trouble.