How Ahsoka Tano shaped Anakin Skywalker as a character

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Perspectives change

When Barriss frames Ahsoka for terrorism, Anakin knows immediately something’s off. He recruits help from Padmé who loves Ahsoka as he does. He even forms an unusual alliance with Asajj Ventress. Barriss stole from the former assassin and set her up as Ahsoka’s accomplice.

While Padmé fights for Ahsoka’s life in court, Anakin and Ventress hit the streets to sniff out the perpetrator. Barriss had stolen Ventress’s lightsabers and planted them on Ahsoka to make it look like they were in league with each other and committed the bombing together.

During the ordeal, Anakin’s perspective on the Jedi changes. Seeing Ahsoka stripped of her rank devastates him. He realizes the Jedi are contempt when there’s the smallest of doubts foreshadowing one of their own.

We see Anakin’s frustrations play out during Revenge of the Sith. Sure, Ahsoka didn’t exist as a character when the film debut in 2005. No one understood why Anakin had these frustrations though it never explained why.

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It all makes sense

The Clone Wars series introduced Ahsoka and it suddenly made sense despite people saying “Why does Anakin suddenly have a Padawan when it wasn’t referenced in Revenge of the Sith?”

The reason became obvious as to why Anakin had issues with the way the council operated when Ahsoka got expelled by the Jedi council when they thought she was guilty.

Given the bond between the pair, Anakin was the only one who knew straight away Ahsoka was framed and was the only Jedi who didn’t treat her like a criminal.