When will the Star Wars: Episode IX title be released?


Speculation over when the Star Wars: Episode IX title will be revealed has it pegged as early as November 2018, could it really come that soon?

As much as I would love it if the Star Wars: Episode IX title was revealed as early as November 2018, I am afraid it is far from likely. Although there is some credible evidence to support why it would.

The conversation began on Reddit, when one Star Wars fan predicted that the title for the next chapter in the franchise would arrive at the start of November. Specifically November 6. The Reddit user rated it as 65 percent likely.

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However, while the Reddit user has used some reasonable logic, there are equally sound arguments as to why the Star Wars: Episode IX title will not arrive this year, and will most likely be in early 2019.

First of all, releasing the episode title in 2018, so with over a year to go until the movie is released in theater is usually unlikely, for any movie, not just Star Wars. They did do it with Star Wars: The Force Awakens but back then they were also having to revitalize a fandom after such a long break since the prequel movies.

So that made sense to release it with over a year to go, doing so now, however, wouldn’t. The fandom’s attention has already been captured so there is no real need; making a 2019 release more likely.

With Superbowl LIII in February, the norm is to assume major releases, such as movie announcements, would be held off until then. Star Wars did just that with Solo: A Star Wars Story in the last Superbowl. 

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Yet, with other big-name movies on the way from Disney, like Captain Marvel, Lion King, and Avengers, which are all due out next year, before Star Wars: Episode IX., you should expect to see more promotion from them before you see anything Star Wars related.

If I had to go out and place a bet on how things would go down; the Superbowl will be used to promote trailers for Captain Marvel, Lion King, and Avengers. If there is any room left for Star Wars, they will announce the episode title, but there will be no feature trailer, at best a couple seconds of footage, maybe a voice over, to introduce it.

In the event it doesn’t happen at the Superbowl, it will be shortly after, and a trailer will follow around the time the other big players in Disney, like Avengers, come out in theater, and they will use those going to see the Marvel movie, to promote Star Wars.

With Star Wars Celebration right around the corner from there in April, it wouldn’t be surprising to get either the title or the first trailer at that time.

Of course, I could be completely wrong with everything here, it could all happen by November 16 exactly the way the Reddit user predicted; which, I honestly wouldn’t complain about.

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