Star Wars: Episode IX: Would we welcome an appearance from Hayden Christensen?


With rumors circulating that Hayden Christensen will appear in Star Wars: Episode IX, let’s take a look at if the actor would be welcome in the final installment of the Skywalker saga?

Star Wars: Episode IX is starting to feel a little bit like Oprah, “you get to be in Star Wars, you get to be in Star Wars, you get to be in Star Wars, and YOU get to be in Star Wars!” Basically, anyone who is anyone, is getting to be in Star Wars right now; but what about Hayden Christensen? If he appeared, would we be welcome to this?

Rumors circulated Christensen may appear in Star Wars: Episode IX. The rumors are very sketchy at best, but it does pose an interesting question of would we be open to the idea of his return in the Star Wars franchise?

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There is certainly no mystery of what many of us think of his performance as Anakin Skywalker during the prequels. To be fair to him, he did have some very cringy lines that even the best actor in the world could never have pulled off, but his performance was far below what we all hoped and wanted to see.

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So it wouldn’t be at all surprising if a lot of the fandom didn’t want him to make an appearance in Star Wars: Episode IX.

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In saying though, this is the final installment of the Skywalker saga. So surely he should make an appearance of some sorts? No matter what you think of his performance in the prequels, I don’t believe it would quite feel right not to have Anakin Skywalker appear in Star Wars: Episode IX.

What I think they should do, if they are going to bring him back, is make it a very small/minor part. His return would be nothing more than a force ghost anyway, and all they usually do is show up, share some words of wisdom, and then leave again. Unless you’re Yoda, and then you make freaking lightning bolts come out of the sky.

It’s a difficult one, while I am no fan of Christensen, I do think he should make an appearance in the movie as a nod to this being the end of the Skywalker era, I’m just hesitant that it could all backfire in our faces.

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Where do you sit with this one? Would you want Hayden Christensen to make an appearance? Share your thoughts below.