The Clone Wars: 5 characters we wish hadn’t died


Death is a natural part of life… Not when your favorite characters die!  We take a look at The Clone Wars characters we wish hadn’t died.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars had a load of deaths on its conscience. Some characters were murdered while others died under strange circumstances. However, there are characters we wished hadn’t died in the crossfire of the war.

Here’s a look at five of them:

5. Mina Bonteri

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The first entry is Senator Mina Bonteri. A mentor and longtime friend to Padmé, Mina moved her allegiances to the Separatists. Bonteri had every right to side with the Count Dooku’s Separatists after Clones killed her husband, leaving her widowed and their son without a father.

Padmé tried everything in her power to convince Mina to rejoin the Republic. She was later killed in an attack by the Republic. However, it was revealed later her death was orchestrated by Count Dooku.

Her son, Lux tried to avenge her death by joining Death Watch but failed. He honored her by becoming a Republic senator and to fight against Dooku’s forces.

Unlike the rest of the deaths on this list, Mina’s death isn’t witnessed on-screen and but receives references in episodes after her only appearance.

4. Onaconda Farr

Onaconda Farr knew Padmé from the time she was a child. She affectionately called him ‘Uncle Ono’ due to his close friendship with her father, Ruwee.

During a party, Farr falls to the ground, dead. A frantic Padmé calls for help as she holds her dead friend. Later, Palpatine summons Padmé to his office where Lieutenant Tan Divo informs her Farr’s death was murder via poison. Padmé and Divo investigation discovered Lolo Purs murdered Farr out of revenge for the Senate forgetting Farr once allied Rodia with the Separatists.

Purs tries to take the pressure off herself by accusing another senator of the crime but becomes recognized as the true culprit. She tries to harm Padmé but gets knocked out and arrested, avenging Farr.

Having Farr play a role meant getting to know another side of not just Padmé, but the political circle in which they frequented.

3. Steela Gerrera

The Clone Wars were hard on everyone, but for the Gerrera siblings, Saw and Steela, they became separated… permanently.

During a battle on the siblings’ home planet of Onderon, the king got into trouble and Steela teamed with Ahsoka and Lux to save him. Saw took out the gunships, but the attack damaged a unit that caused the ship to spiral out of control. Steela became stuck on the cliff face. After trying to get to safety, she wound up dangling from the cliff. Lux tried to reach her, but he could not.

Ahsoka tried to use the Force to rescue Steela but her attempt to save their friend failed as the gunship wounded her. Ahsoka’s telekinetic hold on Steela severed and the rebel fell to her death.

Twenty years after Steela’s death, Saw carried a holographic projection of her. After talking to Ezra, Saw told the boy the image was the only part of her he had left. Finally, in the final minutes of his life, Saw called out to her before the Empire destroyed his base of operations on Jedha.

What made Steela so memorable was her commitment to her cause. She inspired many people including her brother.

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2. Savage Oppress

Despite what you might think of Maul’s vendetta against Obi-Wan, introducing his brother, Savage was a welcome tactic to get to know him better. Together the brothers wrecked havoc everywhere they went.

What they didn’t count on was going up against Maul’s former master, Darth Sidious on Mandalore. The Sith master deemed the brothers to be threats to his Sith Order and felt they needed to be eliminated.

Sidious traveled to Mandalore and hunted the brothers down, engaging them in combat. The fight didn’t last long as the Sith Master ran Oppress through with his lightsaber. Despite his devastation, Maul fled and vowed revenge.

Almost 20 years later, Maul still wanted revenge. He abandoned the Sith teachings and told his story to Ezra in an attempt to recruit him.

What made Savage a great character is his introduction gave Maul a purpose to be brought back into the story.

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1. Satine Kryze

The most tragic death on this list we didn’t want to happen was the death of Duchess Satine Kryze. We learn in Season 2 of The Clone Wars more about Obi-Wan’s backstory before he meets Anakin.

Over time, Obi-Wan and Satine fall for each other, but they break their relationship off to focus on their commitments to their respected careers. They reunited years later, and the sparks were still there. The spark was so strong that even Anakin (who was secretly married) picked up on it.

Despite Anakin’s constant teasing, Obi-Wan did everything in his power to keep the relationship between him and the duchess professional. As time went on, the feelings held by the two didn’t go away.

Unfortunately, the romance was cut short when Satine was slain by Maul on Mandalore. Obi-Wan held his lost love as she died, but told her he would have left the Jedi Order for her.

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Death may appear to be normal. However, in during the Clone Wars era people died for their causes. As sad as it is, these characters didn’t die in vain. They held their moral codes to the highest regard and understood the ramifications of fighting on the front lines.